Download and Listen to the tracks in my "Im Gone" campaign on my ReverbNation page.

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 "On Thursday the 18th i will be releasing the first track off my "im Gone" campaign named "Fading". I'm Gone comes from the name that i use (G1) which, if all written in words reads as 'G-One'. The idea behind I'm Gone is to make a collection of songs that represents a point in my life from being a lonely guy to having a girl change all that....all this explained in the series of 6 songs. Anything you come across by listening to any of these songs is somehow related to my life and the way i live it and the people around me, it all means a lot to me......i hope u enjoy every bit of it! As for right now you can download my single "Another Kid" to convince you to have faith in my music. It means a lot."

- G1

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